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Rocking iptables like a DJ

turn|table, turn·ta·ble (tûrn t b l), /ˈtəːnteɪb(ə)l

Definition of turntable in English:


    • The circular horizontal rotating platform of a phonograph on which the record is placed.
    • A phonograph exclusive of amplifying circuitry and speakers.
    • (turntables) A set of two or more record decks connected to sound mixing equipment, used by a DJ: the two DJs who preside over the turntables play all kinds of cool electronica.
  1. A circular horizontal rotating platform equipped with a railway track, used for turning locomotives, as in a roundhouse.
  2. A rotating platform or disk, such as a lazy Susan.
  3. (ipturntables.sh) A bash script with a set of easy, common iptables rules forming a firewall to protect a computer host from malicous data packets sent from the internet, used by an Admin.

1 ipturntables.sh gitlab repository
2 The netfilter framework (iptables)