Rocking iptables like a DJ

turn|table, turn·ta·ble (tûrn t b l), /ˈtəːnteɪb(ə)l

Definition of turntable in English:


    • The circular horizontal rotating platform of a phonograph on which the record is placed.
    • A phonograph exclusive of amplifying circuitry and speakers.
    • (turntables) A set of two or more record decks connected to sound mixing equipment, used by a DJ: the two DJs who preside over the turntables play all kinds of cool electronica.
  1. A circular horizontal rotating platform equipped with a railway track, used for turning locomotives, as in a roundhouse.
  2. A rotating platform or disk, such as a lazy Susan.
  3. ( A bash script with a set of easy, common iptables rules forming a firewall to protect a computer host from malicous data packets sent from the internet, used by an Admin.

1 gitlab repository
2 The netfilter framework (iptables)


I'm a computer kid of the 80', not born but raised in good old' germany, playin' games, makin' music & lovin' the blues. My career started at an age of 10 in a shopping mall where they sold computers too. It was the first time ever i've seen such an electronic monster and was fascinated instantly. Later on i've learned my first programming skills (Basic) with a friend's Sinclair ZX 81. Yes, that one with the strange plastics keyboard. After that i got some experience with a Schneider CPC464 and the Commodore C64 until i fell in love with the Commodore Amiga, a machine with 4096 different colors which sounds nowadays to most like black'n'white tv's sounded to me at that time. We played a lot of games like Decathlon, The Last V8, Impossible Mission, Elite, Mega'lo'Mania, Xenon, Speedball or Chaos Engine and ruined a lot of those Competition Pro Joysticks. My favourites were mostly games by Sensible Software, Bitmap Brothers or Rainbow Arts. What i liked the most about that machine was it's AmigaOS, it's operating system was ahead of it's time. On this machine i learned my first assembler language (m68k) and the hardware internas. I watched the decline of Commodore with a tear in my eye and at some point i went over to usual business and my first PC and learned it's beastly manners.

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